Nutella Lovers United!

On February 5th 2013 marks the 7th annual World Nutella Day. This is the day that Nutella enthusiast around the globe show their dedication to the brand.
This Chocolate Hazelnut spread is considered by italians as one of Italy’s National Treasures.

Nutella Day started in 2007 by american writers in Italy Sara Rosso and Michelle Fabio. The holiday is celebrated by coming up with creative ways to enjoy the spread. There are currently over 700 recipes for you to choose from.

There is no doubt that Nutella day will be popular throughout Social Media. You can monitor the days tweets, view photos on instagram by following hashtag #nutelladay

How will you enjoy Nutella on World Nutella Day?

For more info check out this Press Release on the NutellaDay website.

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