About Cioccotalia

Cioccotalia carries the Finest Italian Cioccolato that Italy has to offer, Brands like: Perugina, Pernigotti, Ferrero Rocher, Ghirardelli Amedei, Balconi and Nutella.

The founder of Cioccotalia grew up in NY's Little Italy. While growing up in a predominantly Italian neighborhood he had access to imported products from Italy in the various stores. Of all the products, his favorites were the different italian chocolates. He has since moved away from the neighborhood. Finding these products in his new neighborhood is unlikely. He started Cioccotalia because of his passion for fine italian chocolates. He wanted provide others that shared his passion a place online that catered fine italian chocolates.

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You can be sure that your order is backed by a highly experienced customer support team and will be covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

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